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Midwest Food Bank (MFB), a faith-based, non-denominational nonprofit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, was started in 2003 when the Kieser family began providing food out of a barn on their family farm.  MFB began by serving about 10 food pantries in McLean County, Illinois. Today we serve over 900 organizations across the Midwest, South, and East Africa. The food given out each month now reaches over 550,000 people.


After Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, Midwest Food Bank decided to help.  Days after the storm hit, we took the first load of food and supplies to Hattiesburg, MS. 

We were asked by The Salvation Army to bring ten more loads to meet the needs of the populace. By June, 2007, we had taken 130 loads of food and supplies to the Gulf Coast.


The amount of food we distribute has steadily grown over the years as we strive to fight hunger.  We receive donated food from food manufacturers, distributors, grocers, community and organizational food drives, and from individual donors. Today, we distribute over $6.85 million in food each month. Midwest Food Bank functions today as it did at its founding: a faith-based community organization consisting of hundreds of volunteers, generous donors, and corporate partners, all operating to serve those in need.









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