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Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies

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Our Tender Mercies Program is an impactful solution that addresses two of the most unjust hardships - hunger and lack of nutrition. Our joy and passion is to serve those in need. Many donations of bulk beans and rice given to food insecure individuals are a blessing, but what would we want on our own table?  Our answer was to combine the ingredients into a satisfing, tasty meal that was high in nutrition, fiber and protein.   


The concept led to research with universities and corporations to develop packaged, dry meals called "Tender Mercies" meals. Each part of the Chicken & Rice meal was carefully chosen: 


  • Beans (fiber)
  • Textured Vegetable Protein (soy based protein) 
  • Rice (nutrition)
  • Natural Herbs and Seasonings - created especially for Tender Mercies
  • A boost of essential Vitamins 


Everyone deserves to have a healthy, hot meal! Tender Mercies meals are feeding children and adults. They offer relief after tragic disasters. They are distributed via our locations, backpack programs, relief centers and food pantries in the USA and in other countries across the globe.


Please visit our related site tendermercies.com to learn more about this program and ways you can get involved!