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The Blessing of Load Out

Published: April 14th 2010 @ 1:15 PM by Nancy Hobbs in Bloomington, IL
We were certainly blessed last week during our monthly loadout.  Our volunteers showed up early and eager to work.  Happy faces and bright smiles combined with servant hearts and willing hands to place food into every conceivable kind and size vehicle to carry out the mission of Midwest Food Bank in getting food and provision into the hands of those in need.  We were served unbelievable food by a dedicated …

Spring has finally sprung!

Published: March 18th 2010 @ 1:20 PM by Nancy Hobbs in Bloomington, IL
Spring has finally arrived in central Illinois. The birds are singing a different song, the winds have changed and the first robin has shown himself.  All of God's creation have decided to embrace the new season as shown by all those lovely chickens who reside at The Barnyard Dancers farm in rural McLean county.  They really made their owner proud... producing well over 32 dozen eggs this week alone. And so …

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