Coming from a Christian, middle-class family with a brother and four sisters, Luken Ermilus decided to go to medical school. His story sounds kind of standard, but God can use one decision to change a trajectory. That's what happened with Luken when he decided to use his medical training to help people in his own country of Haiti.

He visited Cite Solei, the largest slum in Haiti. There he met an older woman and asked her where he could find children that were handicapped or needed medical attention. She replied, "I don't know where you can find disabled people in this area, but I know a lot of kids who are spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, and economically handicapped." That's when God told Luken he needed to do more than physical healing.

Through another chain of events, Luken met Ricky Burge, a Texan also burdened with the many needs of the people living in Cite Solei. Together they formed The Luken Foundation, and today have a school where children can learn not only math, reading, and writing, but also about Jesus Christ. They can have those medical needs attended to and receive their one meal of the day, Tender Mercies, a nutritious, hot meal from Midwest Food Bank.

"I love God so much, and I know without him I couldn't do what I'm doing," says Luken.

Midwest Food Bank Haiti is thankful to be a part of The Luken Foundation ministry (learn more here). Please pray for Luken Ermilus and the people of Cite Solei.