As a faith-based organization, it is the mission of Midwest Food Bank to share the love of Christ by alleviating hunger and malnutrition locally and throughout the world and providing disaster relief; all without discrimination.  -Mission statement of Midwest Food Bank

Our mission of sharing the love of Christ is accomplished primarily through food distribution. We want to help those struggling with food insecurity, and it is our desire that people see Jesus' love in our actions.

Does our ministry stop there? We certainly hope not. At Midwest Food Bank, we hope to show the love of Christ to all who enter our doors. This includes volunteers, agencies, and staff members. Here is an account of the impact MFB had on a recent volunteer. 

Midwest Food Bank is able to allow many people to complete their court-ordered community service hours here. Distribution times, in particular, offer an opportunity to acquire time. One such volunteer is Bryan Colee.

From the moment he arrived at MFB, Bryan felt welcomed and valued as a volunteer contributor. The volunteer coordinator in the lobby made him feel appreciated for coming. "She was always happy to see me and glad to have me on the team," Bryan says.

It didn't stop there. Other volunteers were welcoming and helpful in explaining things. While he was aware that his service was mandated, it didn't matter to anyone else. "The way they treated me made it easier," says Bryan.

MFB volunteer, Bryan Colee

Bryan's volunteering took place during Covid restrictions. When volunteer numbers were low, he was impressed to see staff members pitching to help.

Midwest Food Bank also benefits from this arrangement. It didn't take long for Bryan to become more valuable as a volunteer. Soon, lead volunteers were relying on him for tasks. Bryan was able to take a lead role in some situations.

"He has an eye for detail and is always looking to keep busy," says Jerry, a long-time volunteer.

One morning before distribution Bryan asked to address the volunteers. He thanked everyone for their support and announced that his mandated service was completed. Moving forward, he plans to continue volunteering at MFB. 

Bryan has since relocated to the Phoenix, AZ, area. He plans to get in touch with the MFB there in Gilbert.

Midwest Food Bank appreciates all of our volunteers, nonprofit partners, and staff. Each plays a part in bringing our mission to life and is a welcome addition to the MFB family.