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Thank you for being interested in praying for Midwest Food Bank. Here are some specific things for which you can pray:

Pray for our food recipients. Ask that they would feel Christ's love and God's presence. May they have hope. May they walk unashamed, knowing God has a plan for their lives.

Pray for our nonprofit partner agencies. Ask that God would give them the strength to do His work. May their clients see Jesus in their actions.

Pray for our volunteers. Midwest Food Bank's mission would not be accomplished without their dedication and work. May they find purpose and community when they volunteer.

Pray for safety. Ask that MFB's volunteers and staff would be kept from harm as they do His work. May God protect all who drive to deliver food to and from our locations.

Pray for our donors - food and finances. Ask God to bless them and reward them for their generosity. 

Pray for the food supply chain. Ask that MFB continue to receive sufficient, nutritious food to provide for those who are food insecure.

Pray for MFB employees. Ask God to provide spiritual and physical strength for His work.

May God bless you for your willingness to pray for Midwest Food Bank.


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