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Midwest Food Bank of Haiti


Late in 2017, Midwest Food Bank began its mission of sharing the love of Christ in Haiti, our second international division. MFB Haiti began providing food relief in March 2018, when our first sea container of nearly 1/4 million servings of Tender Mercies cleared customs in Port au Prince.

MFB Haiti partners with over a dozen faith-based organizations throughout the country. They identify and distribute Tender Mercies to school children, safe houses, feeding centers, and clinics. 

At 25 cents per serving, we can send an entire sea container for approximately $60,000, providing nearly ΒΌ million meals to the people of Haiti.

A donation of $100 buys 400 servings of Tender Mercies

To make a donation, click here.

We will quickly ship as many nutritious meals and sea containers as our funding will support. Our many partners on the ground in Haiti will assist with distribution and identification of acute needs.


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Haiti, the poorest country in the northern hemisphere, perpetually suffers from food insecurity and widespread malnutrition. Haiti consistently ranks among the bottom three countries in the world in daily, per capita caloric intake. We are on a mission to change that.


Numerous faith-based schools and orphanages serve as an oasis and haven for thousands of children who would otherwise never attend school. In addition to teaching the basics, the schools provide warm, nutritious meals that keep many children from starvation. Sous Manje (Midwest Food Bank Haiti) supports these nonprofits with Tender Mercies. The nutrition and protein provided by Tender Mercies enhance health, education, and economic opportunity.

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Before Midwest Food Bank arrived, there were no food banks in Haiti. The concept did not exist. Rather than risk a cultural misunderstanding with the word "bank," we use "Sous Manje," which means "food source" in Creole. 


the bowl smallerSea-containers of food are cleared through customs at ports in Cap Haitien and Port au Prince and then distributed from secure, geographically disbursed distribution hubs near Cap Haitien, Port au Prince, Jacmel, and Pignon. Our storage hub in Jacmel is equipped to package Tender Mercies in-country and recently successfully tested this strategy.  Our strategy is to increase this in-country packaging, which provides employment for Haitians and markets for Haitian grains/legumes. In addition to the partnerships in Haiti, our division leverages state-side alliances with other faith-based nonprofits.

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For U.S. Correspondence:

Midwest Food Bank
c/o Haiti
2031 Warehouse Road
Normal, IL  61761

Phone:  309-663-5350

Divisional Board President: Jerry Koehl 



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