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Midwest Food Bank KIDS!

At Midwest Food Bank, we see that children often demonstrate true, selfless giving.  In fact, some of the biggest hearts we have seen have come in some of the smallest packages. One of the best ways to teach and nurture a servant-heart in our youth is by offering the opportunity to serve their communities. MFB offers families and kids a place to volunteer, and we want to encourage and empower the giving spirit of our children.

Midwest Food Bank KIDS! is a program giving kids of any age the chance to volunteer, donate, and give back to our neighbors in need.  

Here are 5 easy ways your child can help:

  1. Host a virtual food drive.
  2. Have a lemonade stand and donate a portion of the proceeds to your local MFB.
  3. Volunteer. Kid-size volunteer opportunities include sorting and packing donated items, helping to move smaller items, labeling food items, and helping us in the donation prep area.
  4. Make A Change. Collect loose change this summer and donate the proceeds to the MFB location in your town. We turn $1 into $30 worth of food for a neighbor in need, so every dollar donated makes a BIG impact!
  5. Enjoy the MFB Coloring & Activity Pages here. 

Midwest Food Bank KIDS! are of great value, not only to us but to the people we serve. We're excited to share the gifts from the giving hearts of your kids with those we serve.

Learn more about some Midwest Food Bank KIDS!

Seth Conklin  Coltons letter

Here are some photos of MFB KIDS! learning the joy of doing something for others:

 Kid volunteering Jewelry girls2 

Kids volunteering  Alastair Jack Boy Scout2

Selah lemonade  AZ vols

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