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Disaster Relief

2024 Disaster Relief


On April 26, 2024, a severe tornado struck the Omaha, Nebraska area. While no injuries were reported, there was significant damage in residential areas, with hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed. Midwest Food Bank has sent a semi-load of water, drinks, and snacks to the Omaha area at the request of The Salvation Army.


Heavy late April/Early May rains caused severe flooding in East Texas, including parts of Houston.  Flash flooding resulted in rescuing people from homes, rooftops, and roads.

In late May, more than 500,000 people were impacted by the extreme weather, which brought tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, and flash floods across North and Central Texas. With winds exceeding 80 mph, heavy rains, and widespread power outages, many residents face significant challenges in the coming days.


2023 Disaster Relief


Idalia made landfall in Florida on August 30 and crossed into Georgia, Causing destructive flooding and power outages. Two semi-loads of family food boxes left the MFB Disaster Relief hub in Morton, IL, on September 5. These were requested and will be distributed by Disaster Relief partner The Salvation Army. MFB is standing by in anticipation of more requests.


A semi-load of food boxes and personal hygiene kits left the MFB Disaster Relief hub in Morton, IL, on July 21, 2023, bound for Barre, VT, where The Salvation Army distributed it. MFB New England provided support by sending two loads of bottled water. 


Midwest Food Bank sent two semi-loads of relief on Tuesday, January 17, 2023, at the request of The Salvation Army.


2022 Disaster Relief


Huuricane Ian relief fm FB LO RESHurricane Ian, a Category Four storm, made landfall near Fort Myers, FL, on September 28. Our location in Fort Myers did not sustain any damage and became a key resource in the unprecedented need in Southwest Florida. We sent semi-loads of shelf-stable food there from Central Illinois. Working for days without power, volunteers and staff assembled and distributed family food boxes for MFB Florida's nonprofit partners to give to those in need. In addition to the food boxes created and distributed at MFB Florida, over 13,000 boxes (17 semi-loads) were sent to the area from other MFB locations. Hygiene kits and cleaning supplies were also delivered.


The Salvation Army, one of Midwest Food Bank's Disaster Relief partners, has requested a semi-load of family food boxes for victims of Hurricane Fiona. The food is loaded and awaiting pickup at MFB Morton, IL.

Jackson, Mississippi Flooding

The Pearl River crested over seven feet above flood stage on Monday, August 29. The flooding resulted in the city of Jacksonville cutting water production, leaving nearly 180,000 residents without water. Three truckloads of bottled water left MFB Georgia on Tuesday, August 30, with two more leaving MFB Normal, IL, on Wednesday. MFB is on standby to provide further help.

Eastern Kentucky Flooding

Flooding from major storms hit Eastern Kentucky Thursday, July 28, with some areas receiving eight to ten inches of rain. Flash flooding and mudslides caused death, and great property and infrastructure damage. MFB sent two semi-loads of water and a box truck of food to the area on Saturday, July 30. Since then, 3 full semi-loads of family food boxes have been sent to the area, the most recent in the week of August 22. Midwest Food Bank is ready to send additional relief if requested in this large-scale disaster.


KY flooding 7 22 montage

Louisiana Tornado

A tornado hit New Orleans on Tuesday, March 22, causing damage, power outages, and injuries. The first truckload of family food boxes left Midwest Food Bank for the area on Thursday, March 24.


For those wishing to help, monetary donations give Midwest Food Bank the ability to most efficiently and quickly supply help to those in crisis. You may give by texting @MFB to 52014 to donate or use the form above. On the form, select “Disaster Relief” for the designation.

• $500 covers the average trucking cost of transporting a load of donated food to Midwest Food Bank.

• $100 fills four Disaster Relief family food boxes.

• $ANY amount provides help to someone in need.

Midwest Food Bank is blessed to be able to provide a way for people to help support our neighbors. Here are the ways you can bring help and hope:

1. Pray for those who are displaced and hungry. Their best help will come from the LORD.

2. Donate financially.  Midwest Food Bank has many buying partnerships, and with our not-for-profit status, we will maximize your donation, increasing your purchasing power. Funds will be used to purchase food for Disaster Relief boxes and to cover the cost of transporting them. Any funds received that go beyond the needs for specific disasters will assist in future disasters.

To make a donation, text @MFB to 52014, or please use the form above.

Please watch the Facebook page of your local Midwest Food Bank for volunteer opportunities. Thank you for your concern and your heart to help those who are suffering loss.

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