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Offering nutrition, giving hope



TM bag 2023 webDesigned by dieticians to provide critical nutrition, Tender Mercies meals are a mighty ally in the fight against food insecurity. They provide wholesome, high-quality nutrition. Savory rice and beans are the foundation of the first Tender Mercies recipe. To ensure maximum nutritional value, they're fortified with protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. Tender Mercies meals are delicious by themselves or as a base for other tasty recipes. 

Our three different sizes: Twenty-Four servings (soup kitchens and large group events), Four servings (family size), and Single serve (kids backpack program, single/double person households). 

Bronwyn Sophias Kitchen  TM ood recipient 1   FUMC Loaves and Fish

Tender Mercies is an essential component of Midwest Food Bank’s international effort. In East Africa, Tender Mercies is locally sourced and packaged for distributing. The main focus of Midwest Food Bank’s efforts in Haiti is providing Tender Mercies meals to school children. The nature of Tender Mercies allows it to be adapted to different cultures' tastes. 

TM ingredientsThanks to sponsorships, it is possible to purchase high-quality ingredients which become meals that are given to local food pantries to distribute to individuals and families. In 2022, Midwest Food Bank distributed 7.1 million Tender Mercies meals. Please contact us to talk about sponsorships and how you can support this healthy initiative.

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