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Volunteer Interest

Sign up here to volunteer for individuals or groups of 5 or less. Please see below regarding completing community service hours.Button Vol Opps2

Being actively involved in something larger than any one person or thing brings benefits to all. Within our welcoming walls, friends and community members find fulfillment and joy. They sort and pack, drive and distribute, and remind us every day that with faith and family, anything is possible.

Thanks to the vision of dedicated leaders throughout the organization, nearly 30,000 nationwide volunteers log an average of 350,000 hours of work each year—the equivalent of 175 full-time employees. The service of our committed volunteers promotes a fiscally responsible model that shines a light on our services and attracts potential donors.

Volunteer opportunities at Midwest Food Bank are limitless. Individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience help in a wide variety of ways. From jobs as easy as labeling cans and repackaging bulk food to bookkeeping, fundraising, and community relations, volunteers use their gifts to bless others.

Interested in scheduling a group of more than five volunteers? Need to complete community service hours or have questions about volunteering? Please fill out the form below, and our Volunteer Coordinator will assist you in finding the best volunteer opportunity for your group.

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