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Midwest Food Bank of Pennsylvania


In Pennsylvania, an estimated 1 in 8 households suffers from food insecurity. An equally troubling number is the 40% of food that is wasted. That is why Midwest Food Bank is establishing its 11th location here in the Midstate.

Food supply is not the problem; distribution is the problem. We are here to get the food to where it is needed. We will not only serve alongside other agencies here in the Midstate but, thanks to our efficient transportation system, also serve surrounding states. Our location positions us to serve Pennsylvania and the Eastern Seaboard. Our goal is to make this location an epicenter of help.

Our 2021 goal is to reach over 200 feeding agencies serving approximately 60,000 people. With your help, we estimate we will be able to provide around $15 million worth of food in our first full year.

How can you help? Give us a high five:

1: Pray for us as we look for a building in Central Pennsylvania.

2: Volunteer your gifts and talents to further MFB’s mission. 

3: Follow us on social media. 

4: Connect your friends, church, or civic group to MFB. 

5: Donate so together we can build stronger communities and alleviate food insecurity. 


Come to MFB Pennsylvania to volunteer.  Our volunteers are the life-blood of our organization - one of our key strengths. For individuals, families, or small groups, you can browse the list of opportunities below.

Contact us here if you:

  • Want to schedule a large group.
  • Want to learn about ongoing volunteer opportunities (truck driver, data entry, bookkeeper, front desk receptionist, etc.).
  • Want to volunteer to complete community service hours.


For more information and to see how you can be involved please contact Lori Renne, Executive Director of Midwest Food Bank Pennsylvania.

2700 Commerce Drive
Middletown, PA 17057