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Unique Programs at the Illinois-Bloomington Location


While Midwest Food Bank has a distinct mission and a steady set of values as an organization, God’s guidance has taken each of our locations on its own path of discovery and growth. We are proud that our community has provided enough support and volunteerism to fuel our own unique programs. Exclusive to the Bloomington location, these programs started as ideas from our volunteers and grew into compassionate acts of care that reach worldwide.


Backpack Program

Children struggling with food insecurity face adverse physical health, poor emotional well-being, and academic setbacks. The Backpack Feeding Program provides non-perishable, child-friendly food for children over the weekend.  Many children receive breakfast and lunch on school days but may lack access to food over the weekend. Providing meal and snack items each weekend ensures these children have access to food until that next school meal. 

Meat Program

While many think of canned foods and non-perishable items as common donations to food pantries, we know that meat is an important part of many diets. To ensure that the people of Central Illinois have access to meat along with their canned goods, we’ve partnered with local meat companies. Gridley Meats and Steidinger Meats process hogs donated by local farmers for Midwest Food Bank.  IL Corn Growers, IL Soybean Growers, and IL Pork Producers provide funding for the processing.

NYC Thanksgiving

Holiday celebrations should be a special time to make memories with family and friends. Unfortunately, many holidays are centered around family meals, meaning that many people have to go without the lavish celebrations that many take for granted. Each November, Midwest Food Bank and Spread Truth take two semi loads of turkeys and all the “fixins” from Bloomington to New York City to provide Thanksgiving dinners for families in need there. This additional venture helps ensure that more families have the chance to share in creating happy memories together.