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Midwest Food Bank Africa receives generous donation from Brookside Dairy

Recently Kapu Africa (Midwest Food Bank East Africa) received a generous donation of over 2,500 cups of yogurt from Kenyan-based donors Brookside Dairy. The donation came during a perilous time when millions in East Africa are facing poverty and starvation, unlike anything they have known before.

Kapu Africa delivered Brookside Dairy's generous donation to various organizations throughout Nairobi. The children at Glory Christian Children's Rescue Centre, Quest for Happiness, and Rural Evangelistic Mission all received shipments of yogurt.

"This donation puts a smile on the children's faces. Their stomachs are full today and so we rejoice," says Godwin Matswa, of Kapu Africa. "It's a small ray of light during a dark time here."

Donations like these are cherished during a time when more than 33 million Kenyans are facing food insecurity. Nutrient-rich yogurt provides important vitamins like calcium, potassium, and probiotics that can help with proper absorption and digestion. This is crucial to a child's mental and physical development.

"Every child that we feed has a story to tell - rescued from early prostitution, picked from a dumpsite, orphaned, or abandoned," says Godwin. "The list is heartbreaking."

In addition to extreme poverty, Kenyans are also facing extreme environmental threats. For the past three years, East Africa has faced drought, locusts, and COVID-19 related economic insecurities. All of these have far-reaching and long-lasting effects.

Kapu Africa is thankful for the generosity of partners like Brookside Dairy. The video below shows the children singing, "Asante" ("Thank you" in Swahili).

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Monday, 29 November 2021

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