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A local donation of 20,000 pounds of potatoes!

At MFB Pennsylvania, volunteers devote their time to converting bulk items into family-sized portions. Whether bagging rice, measuring pasta, or packaging sweets, the task is a communal effort laced with small joys, like the shared smiles over bagging butterscotch chips (some volunteers are still talking about that!). The work is fulfilling on its ...

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Prayer meetings an encouragement at MFB Pennsylvania

Two years ago, Midwest Food Bank Pennsylvania initiated a prayer meeting, inviting staff and volunteers to unite in prayer for our agency partners working directly with those in need. This gathering unexpectedly evolved into a valuable time of connection and sharing, leading to establishing quarterly morning prayer meetings. The get-togethers usual...

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How Midwest Food Bank Partnerships Are Making a Difference

FLORIDA MFB Florida and Family Health Centers Support LaBelle's Farmworkers In LaBelle, Florida, extensive fields serve as the workplace for a dedicated community of farmworkers who play a crucial role in supplying our tables with fresh produce. These workers face demanding conditions, including lengthy workdays and unstable job prospects, yet thei...

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How Midwest Food Bank Haiti is Overcoming Barriers to Feed the Hungry

The World Food Programme estimates nearly five million Haitians, almost half of the population, are facing emergency food conditions. More than 360,000 Haitians have been displaced this year due to persistent violence. Lack of food and job loss has affected two-thirds of families nationwide.Conditions in Haiti are dire, and the need is unimaginable...

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New team members join Midwest Food Bank

ARIZONA Welcoming Darryl Bess to the MFB Arizona team Midwest Food Bank Arizona is pleased to announce the hiring of Darryl Bess as Community Relations and Volunteer Manager. Darryl started this week in this new role and will help bolster our volunteer base and develop a strategy for community engagement. Darryl is a dedicated individual with a bac...

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Volunteers from all walks of life at Midwest Food Bank

ARIZONA Deb Taggart is Embracing a New Chapter at MFB Arizona Retiring from a job can be a significant change. Deb Taggart knows this well. After working for 30 years in Quality Control at Intel, identifying defects and solving problems in production, she started a new chapter. Instead of just relaxing, she chose to keep busy and help others. Deb j...

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Understanding Food Labeling: Important Information for Our Nonprofit Partner Agencies

Have you ever felt confused trying to understand the labels on your food like "Low fat," "Organic," or "Lite"? You're not the only one! At Midwest Food Bank, we believe in "Embracing Our Communities." Part of this commitment is helping everyone make sense of those tricky food labels. Here are some essential insights into understanding various food ...

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Midwest Food Bank Texas Strengthens Advisory Board

At Midwest Food Bank Texas, we're committed to enhancing our services. That's why we're excited to announce a new addition to our advisory board, Mark Steffen, a seasoned financial executive with extensive experience in construction and insurance. Mark has been instrumental in growth and strategy as the Chief Financial Officer at Core Construction ...

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MFB receives feedback from Core Volunteers

Central to Midwest Food Bank's success are its core volunteers, who are dedicated to our mission. By filling roles that would typically be paid staff, they allow more resources to go toward feeding the hungry. Each January, MFB conducts a Listening Survey to tap into the thoughts and ideas of these essential individuals. This year, nearly 200 volun...

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Six Facts that Differentiate MFB's Food Rescue and Distribution

According to the USDA, 12.8% of households in the United States were food-insecure at some point during 2022. This issue exists alongside another concerning statistic: about 30-40% of food produced in the United States goes to waste. Midwest Food Bank (MFB) has pioneered a unique food rescue model to address these critical issues. Here are six key ...

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MFB Welcomes Kellie Bray to National Board

Kellie Bray, Chief of Staff at CropLife America in Washington, D.C., has joined the Midwest Food Bank National Board of Directors. Her extensive background in organizational leadership resonates perfectly with the mission of MFB. Kellie hails from Cameron, Missouri, and holds a bachelor's degree in general agriculture and political science from the...

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MFB's Inspiring Nonprofits Making a Difference

GEORGIA Demonstrating God's Compassion and Mercy WELCOME Food Pantry, Inc. is a beacon of hope serving low-income citizens in their time of need. This nonprofit organization is located in Millbrook, AL, and has been a crucial partner in Midwest Food Bank Georgia's remote distribution efforts. "Welcome Food Pantry is a recent addition to our new rem...

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MFB Community and Business Support: February 2024

MORTON Faculty Team-Builds through Service We were blessed to have the Metamora Grade School faculty volunteer at our warehouse. After their holiday break, the teachers and staff came together for a team-building day before the students returned to school. Filled with enthusiasm, staff members took shifts throughout the day to serve their community...

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Inspiring Volunteers Fuel Midwest Food Bank's Mission

FLORIDA Passing the volunteer torch Devoted volunteer Maxine Schneider has made an indelible mark on the Midwest Food Bank in Florida, particularly in fundraising. Her commitment has been unwavering, with a spotlight on her invaluable role in our annual Winter Harvest Dinner and Auction. As life progresses, Maxine has decided to take a step back. T...

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MFB Haiti: Meeting the Challenges of a Troubled Country

While Haiti grapples with ongoing security, economic, and humanitarian difficulties, Midwest Food Bank Haiti remains committed to alleviating hunger and starvation through dedication and resourcefulness. Here are three encouraging stories about our efforts there. Eltana is one of many children being helped Eltana Pierre's story is a poignant r...

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MFB Welcomes New Employees

BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL, IL New Agency Coordinator Sees MFB's Community Impact Midwest Food Bank Bloomington-Normal welcomes Erin Jennings as the new Agency Coordinator. She brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to nonprofit advocacy to our mission. In her role, Erin will foster strong relationships with the non-profit agencies we serve. A...

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MFB Community and Business Support: December 2023

FLORIDABringing Hope and Positive Change Three separate community groups recently demonstrated their support of the MFB Florida mission. Publix and the United Way of Lee, Hendry, and Glades joined forces for a day of volunteering, and the New Hope Presbyterian Church sent a volunteer group of over 25 teenagers to repackage bulk food.During Publix S...

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MFB Event Report: December 2023

FLORIDA Shoot Down Hunger MFB Florida's annual "Shoot Down Hunger" clay shoot event on November 4th at the Bermont Shooting Club in Punta Gorda attracted over 80 participants, uniting the community in support of their mission to combat food insecurity. This event showcased the power of unity in addressing hunger and emphasized that even leisure act...

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Leading the Fight Against Food Insecurity

Imagine a genuinely humble company that understands winning a prestigious title or getting recognized is not something to glow about. It is not the end goal. At Midwest Food Bank (MFB), we see it as a reflection of something much deeper. A culture committed to making an impact in the lives of others, driven by God's mission. A culture where the com...

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MFB Non-Profit Partners: December 2023 Spotlights

ARIZONA These Volunteers are Here-To-Serve Midwest Food Bank Arizona serves 280 non-profit partner agencies, providing them with food free of charge. Here-To-Serve Ministry of Eagles Wings Faith Center International is a valuable ally in our mission to combat food insecurity and bring hope to underserved communities. Here-To-Serve is a beacon of co...

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