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Ono UMC a valued partner of MFB Pennsylvania

During the pandemic, people from Ono United Methodist Church noticed some needs in their community and responded by starting a food pantry. Those needs haven't stopped. They have increased. Sometimes, up to a dozen cars are lined up waiting for food. Some of the food they distribute comes from Midwest Food Bank Pennsylvania.

"We have increased our supplies so we can accommodate everyone that comes," says Becky. "Food from MFB has been the greatest blessing to us. It is free of charge, and it would be a lot of expense otherwise."

Their food distribution ministry reaches out to mostly senior citizens in rural Lebanon County once a month. About 80-90 food boxes are distributed on those days.

The about 50 volunteers not only hand out boxes of food but keep their eyes open for how they can hand out love and concern. On one Saturday, a car pulled up to receive a box, and it was apparent the couple was living in their car. The volunteers were humbled by the couple's gratitude and provided additional food and information about another local pantry.

The homebound and handicapped are provided for, too. Volunteers will make home deliveries, and anyone that cannot get out of their car receives curbside service.

"This ministry is truly making a difference by serving their rural neighbors who might otherwise fall through the cracks," says Kathy Anderson-Martin, Executive Director of MFB Pennsylvania. "All is done in the name of Jesus."

"Six United Methodist Churches in the Lebanon County area provide the staffing and financial support for this ministry," says Becky. "Together, they love their neighbors through their service."
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