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Spreading food and truth

Here are a few of the recent sharing opportunities we had at Kapu Africa (Midwest Food Bank East Africa).  

Spread Truth, a gospel-spreading ministry in Bloomington, Illinois, has been sharing Jesus' love with the hungry in Kenya. On the weekend of May 3-5, Pastor Hamisi Kirenga made a trip to Garissa, which is about 235 miles from Nairobi. People in Garissa are very needy and have been isolated due to fighting in the area.

Godwin Matswa of Kapu Africa, joined Ken and Gloria, and Pastor Hamisi in distributing 4 tonnes of Tender Mercies meal packets and 1 tonne of Unimix, an enriched corn flour and bean meal. Over 400 people, primarily Muslims of Somali origin, gratefully received the food. A family provided the support needed to transport the meals.

On Friday, May 17, Kapu Africa and Spread Truth were able to not only give food but also able to preach to 2000 people. The first stop was at a Baptist Church in Nzavoni village where we were received by 1322 families and we were given an opportunity to proclaim the word of God and give food.

Then we went to another village, Boma. The Word was preached and food given to 350 families

On Saturday, May 18, we were able to visit Kiboko Village. There, we met a local representative, who was so touched by the love she saw, promised to partner with us.

We are thankful to the Lord for opening doors for distribution and preaching His Word. Connections continue to be made for more distributions. Pray with us for the growth of the Gospel seeds that were planted and for more opportunities for sharing His love.

Here are some photos of the preaching and distribution.

Garissa distribution line
Meals at Garissa
Smiling distributor
Children in Garissa
Receiving meals in Garissa
Pack The Pantries a community effort
Not your ordinary barn


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Thursday, 06 May 2021

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